Holly Lodge Drive


The design and layout has been developed following a thorough analysis of both the site and its local context, and then utilised to inform the creation of a series of strong place making principles.

Finally these components have been combined to produce and functional and rational design that truly reflects the local character and sense of place.

The design responds to the local character and context, complying with both national and local design policy to protect local distinctiveness whilst ensuring an attractive environment for future and existing residents.

The indicative masterplan conveys a vision for the site, setting out a potential arrangement of residential dwellings, the vehicle and pedestrian access points to the development, the street network and the integration and retention of key landscape features such as the mature trees and hedgerows.

The design proposals are structured around the follow key components:
  • The creation of a sustainable mixed-use community hub
  • Creating a series of recreational landscape spaces encouraging the creation of community
  • Framing long distance views of heritage assets
  • Creating an active and safe network of footpaths

The scheme proposes to deliver:

Landscape led scheme

Landscape buffer to the countryside edge

Community hub

Improved footpath connections

Green spaces and corridors

High quality homes

Landscape Proposal