Our Approach

Our Approach

We review and assess each site as a blank canvas from which we can consider the development potential, the opportunities and constraints we are likely to encounter and develop a structured strategy for securing planning permission.  We would be keen to understand any specific requirements a landowner may have at this initial stage, such as retention of buildings or business operations, which may need to be a consideration in the development of the strategy.  Thereafter we would produce a written report confirming our strategy and financial proposal.  Should the proposal be acceptable then we can finalise matters legally and also start working on the project.

Mulberry offers a different option to the mainstream housebuilder and land promoters, and prides itself on quality of service and development solutions. We focus on selecting quality opportunities we can truly support and resource appropriately rather than being concerned over the size and quantity of our land portfolio to report to the city. Indeed, whilst we will of course employ specialist consultancy skills and advice to support the promotion of the site, we insist in proactively leading the project ourselves.  It is important the right decisions are made at the right stage of the process to ensure the proposal is viable and fully meets the joint objectives of the landowner and Mulberry Land.  This also ensures there is continuity in reporting and a single point of contact is available to you who is involved the day to day management to the project.

Throughout the course project we would wish to meet with the landowner at regular stages to discuss progress along with written updates.  Depending on the planning strategy projects can run for a short period of time or over many years and it is important a landowner is confident their interest are being promoted proactively and

Planning can be a complex and dynamic matter, with changes locally, nationally and politically to consider and navigate.  Invariably this includes making representations to the Local Planning Authority through the Local Plan, liaising with stakeholders and the wider community, commissioning technical reports and surveys, and also submitting and negotiating a planning application.  A strategy could also be developed which anticipates a planning appeal, which may be considered necessary to secure planning, where for a variety of reasons planning permission cannot be secured locally.

By engaging with all key stakeholders every step of the way, we turn potential into real development opportunities. We understand that success relies on good communication, honesty and our ability to consider everybody’s needs. It’s why you can trust in us to deliver developments that not only maximise your assets but benefit the wider community.

Having successfully secured planning permission for your land the land will then be sold, with the benefit of the planning consent. Through a Planning Promotion Agreement this would follow a brief period where a marketing strategy was agreed and thereafter the land would be marketed for sale.  At this stage it could be that further investigations were appropriate in order to secure the maximum land offer.

As a developer ourselves we know how to best market and ensure we elicit the best offers possible for the land.