Why Mulberry Land?

Why Mulberry Land?

‘We are focused on delivering best value, quality and maximised returns to our partners.’

Navigating the planning system is a complex and expensive venture, which often limits a land owners appetite or ability to appropriately promote their land through the planning process, particularly when there are no guarantees of a successful outcome.  Whilst cost is a factor, the ability to secure a planning consent which maximises the value of land and provides for a deliverable and attractive development requires experience and careful consideration throughout the planning process.

We use our experience and knowledge to work with landowners to secure planning permission. We offer our expertise and resource to manage the strategy and process whilst funding the costs entirely at our risk.  Our reward is we take a return of the land value once the land is sold with the benefit of planning. Mulberry Land’s flexible, adaptable approach means our starting point with any project is to understand the objectives and needs of the landowner.   Each land deal is as individual as to the site and landowners’ needs and will be tailored accordingly.  Mulberry are set up and funded to be able to respond to a wide variety of landowner requirements, through the use of Promotion and Option Agreements, Freehold Purchases and Joint Venture arrangements.

We have a strong track record delivering commercial and residential developments and sustainable mixed-use communities which are attractive to local authorities and residents alike.

Through our combined experience we know how to navigate complex planning requirements and work closely with planning authorities to deliver winning proposals that address relevant economic, social and environmental objectives, and embrace local and national policies.

Our goal in developing or planning a site is to create desirable places that have a positive impact on the community and are sympathetic to the surrounding environment. To do that, we engage closely with local stakeholders to share our vision and understand theirs.

Drawing from our extensive experience in the industry, developing commercial and residential sites on greenfield and brownfield land, we give our landowner partners peace of mind and help them get the best value from their assets. We advise on the feasibility of development opportunities, using our expert guidance to navigate the complex planning process and ensure all proposals follow best practice and meet the latest environmental and sustainability objectives. We have the internal operational expertise to optimise technical solutions to ensure solutions are value engineered and buildable.

Together, working in partnership with landowners, planners, public authorities and local communities, we create places of lasting appeal that maximise the true value of sites and have a positive impact on the surrounding area.